Top 10 Van Security Tips

If you drive a van carrying valuable items, then our handy top 10 van security tips are for you! Couriers who use their van for work know it is more than just a mode of transport. It is a valued storage facility for your goods and a gateway to potential earnings that would prove harmful to your income if damaged or stolen.

Firstly, did you know that in the UK a van is broken into every 23 minutes? Secondly, 50% of van drivers have been a victim of van crime on more than one occasion.

As specialist providers of van rental for couriers, we at Rapid Vehicle Management understand how important it is that the van you drive is kept as safe and secure as possible. With that in mind, we have put together our useful top 10 van security tips which offer practical solutions to van drivers that may have security concerns or are looking to upgrade to a more security-conscious option.

Van security products

Did you know that there are several van security devices already installed on vans? Check out our list of the van security products that are on the market, detailing what they can do and how they can deter potential thieves by acting as a visual deterrent to help keep your van more secure.


To help prevent the van from being stolen or broken into an ‘Anti-tamper alarm system’ can help prevent unauthorised access to the vehicle. The alarm utilises sensors that detect impact or movements around the van. Once detected the sensors will trigger and activate the alarm system. This alarm will alert the van owner and passers-by to the potential theft in progress. Even subtle shifts in the vehicle’s position can trigger the tilt sensor which activates the anti-theft alarm system, scaring away criminals and stopping any potential van theft.


With the added convenience and safety of an electronic key fob, you can control access to the van without using a traditional mechanical key. In the past, people utilised small keys that were easily lost. With a keyless remote lock, you do not have to worry about getting locked outside the van as the van will not engage the lock unless manually prompted. Also, you do not have to worry about thieves hotwiring the van. Security encoded into the key fob and the ignition means that without the key fob the van cannot be hotwired.


Stop locks are devices that can be attached to the side or rear of your van. They operate by linking two opening surfaces together. This means a thief cannot use a crowbar or similar tool to gain entry.

The locking mechanism is easily opened by a key. Installing a stop lock, however, could be a tricky task. If you are hesitant to take on the job yourself, hire a professional to carry out installation for you.


Satellite tracking is an excellent way to locate and recover a van should it become lost or stolen. This can also aid authorities with the quick recovery of property and prosecution of thieves.

There are a huge variety of van trackers available today. These can include the following:

  • On-call help in the event of an accident
  • Business mileage reporting
  • Alerts when vehicles move
  • Track vehicles in real-time
  • Full report suite
  • Route history

Should the worst happen you can have peace of mind knowing you can track the van down.


This is a reliable option that has been utilised for many years by van drivers and comes recommended by police forces and security experts Thatcham. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit all van types and has a range of accessories available such as covers and storage options too. Essentially, the lock will attach to the steering wheel and prevent it from turning. The heavy metal device can enclose the entire wheel, attach to the wheel spokes, or provide a connection between the wheel and pedals to obstruct vehicle use. Once attached it will open via a traditional key-operated locking mechanism. Where possible, opt for a model with a well-made mechanism that will not break easily. If you are a courier driver this can help to keep your gear secure during transit and whilst you are making deliveries.

Van security tips

There are a few basic steps you can take to improve van security and reduce the potential for vehicle theft. These security tips may seem obvious but could be the difference between a secure van and a costly, time-consuming recovery/replacement of the vehicle and goods.


Keep your keys out of reach of criminals. Make sure not to store them near the front door or entrance to your premises. It is far too easy for would-be thieves to retrieve them using simple methods like hooking them with a pole to more advanced methods such as key cloning from close range. If you have the option to do so store them securely in an upstairs or barred room where they can remain more secure overnight.


You always want to park a van somewhere well-lit with plenty of pedestrians who can observe and report any criminal activity. This is true both at work and at home. If you can park near a CCTV camera during the day this can also act as a deterrent to criminals and record the identities of any people entering and exiting the area. If you park your vehicle at home overnight, try to keep it in a locked garage. Security can be upgraded with CCTV cameras linked to your Wi-Fi, motion sensor lighting, and lockable gates. Alternatively, park it on the drive if you can.


A sticker costs pennies but can be worth its weight in gold. If the van displays “No valuables are left inside this vehicle overnight” or “This vehicle is fitted with a motion-sensing alarm” it can act as a low-cost visual deterrent to thieves.


Be sure to empty the van’s valuables every night. This includes any goods, tablets, dashcams and other theft attractive items. Glove compartments even when locked are not as secure as you may at first think. If you must store valuable items in the vehicle overnight, make sure that it is locked away in the back of the van and out of sight. The best practice, however, is to always remove items overnight.

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