Courier Job Opportunities for London

Are you a courier in need of a vehicle to carry out your deliveries? Is your vehicle off the road due to an accident or mounting repair bills? Are you having trouble realising your earning potential? With a Rapid Vehicle Management van hire for couriers including insurance, you get a hassle-free way to get on the road. If you are looking to become a courier driver in London, our handy guide will provide tips on how you could maximise efficiency as well as potential earnings. We have included a list of useful motoring apps that could make life easier and support the smooth running of your business.

Courier drivers in demand

The courier industry has seen a staggering increase in demand lately due to a rise in online shopping. In 2020 Insightdiy, providers of trade retailers market data and information, reported that:

  • The value of the market increased by 44% between 2014 and 2019 from £7.6 billion to £11 billion.
  • The sector’s market value is forecast to increase by 92% between 2019 and 2024 to reach £21 billion.

There is no doubt that this is a fast-paced growth industry with the potential to become a self-employed courier or work for a company. As a provider of van hire for couriers’, Rapid Vehicle Management has put together this informative guide on how to capitalise on this booming industry trend and become a courier driver in the London area.

How much can courier van drivers earn?

Salaries vary and depend very much on your experience. With freedom, this career provides your income will also depend on how much work you undertake. Research into salary ranges shows:

  • has an average salary for beginners at £25,000
  • GOV.UK states the average salary for experienced drivers can be up to £40,000
  • has the average salary for UK courier drivers as £47,343*

Getting started as a courier van driver

Your first decision is whether to work for yourself or for a large company. As a self-employed courier, you have the freedom to pick your own hours and types of work. This means you can choose:

  • Custom work hours that suit your needs (nights, weekends, Bank Holidays, etc)
  • The industry you work for and the types of deliveries you make

If you choose to work for a company, they will dictate your work type and delivery schedule. They may also offer a vehicle lease, but this can potentially be a very expensive option. With a Rapid Vehicle Management van hire for couriers’, you can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle rental and insurance costs are all included in one convenient bill.

There are many different industries you can source work from. These include:

  • Administration and secretarial
  • Transport and logistics
  • Customer services
  • Retail
  • Other (including Multi-drop drivers)

Your potential earnings can vary depending on your choice of industry. Do your research ahead of time to increase your knowledge and take advantage of your earning potential.

Courier Insurance: Important Requirements

It is very important before doing any courier work that you make sure you are sufficiently covered. Depending on the type of work you will be doing you will have to make sure you are covered for:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Hire and reward

If you work for a company, there may be additional requirements on policy coverage before you can accept work securely. For example, some companies will require and dictate the value of goods in transit coverage. Make sure you speak to your operator before accepting employment and purchase the necessary cover to perform your duties. You may also be required to provide certificates to verify that coverage is valid.**

Courier drivers update HMRC

If you become self-employed you must inform HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for tax purposes. Whether you work part-time or full time you need to make HMRC aware. For full guidance see the GOV.UK website.

Useful skills for courier van drivers

Other than the ability to drive, here are the skills and abilities required to succeed as a courier van driver:

  • Time management – working smart lets you do more in less time
  • Record keeping – precise records of deliveries, signatures, etc will prevent mistakes
  • Customer service – Provide a unique service that leaves a lasting memory
  • Physical fitness – Heavy items come with the territory, make sure you can handle them

It may be beneficial to liaise with other drivers who can pass on the skills they have learned or found most useful on the job. Skills can be picked up and improved over time, just be sure to know what is expected of you as a courier driver before making it a career.

Everyday courier essentials


A full UK driving licence is essential. Some major companies prefer drivers to be aged 25 and over for insurance purposes. Verify any age restrictions with potential employers before accepting work from them.


Any of these will help with record-keeping and accounts. When sending invoices, you may want to send them from a wired internet connection at home. This will ensure they are delivered quickly and securely. Tablets and mobile phones can struggle with connectivity and battery issues making them a less appealing choice.


From a business standpoint, a separate mobile phone is best for business use. If you are self-employed you can see full guidance on claiming expenses like mobile phones on the GOV.UK website. Secure a contract that includes unlimited calls and data per month. This will cover you for all business needs including employer-specific work apps. A high-resolution camera that verifies delivery is also a necessity.


You could be issued an electronic handset, scanner, or mobile phone preloaded with apps by companies you work for. Make sure to take care of electronic devices issued to you as damaged or lost units could result in financial penalties.

Useful apps for courier van drivers

In the fast-paced courier industry, these helpful apps could make life simpler and assist the fluid management of your business.


If you have a delivery schedule and need to know where to go in a hurry this is the app for you. Waze can help you get to where you are going faster, more efficiently, with less time stuck in potentially avoidable traffic jams. Over 115 million “Wazers” contribute to real-time navigation, which helps to find a route with the least hold-ups and avoid wasting fuel when stuck in traffic.


Fuel is the lifeblood of the delivery industry. Fuel costs, however, are a very important consideration for any courier. This money-saving app allows you to compare petrol, diesel, and premium fuel prices across most of the UK. By using this handy app you could top up your Rapid Vehicle Management van and could save over £220 a year.


If you need to keep an accurate record of the miles driven for business purposes, then this useful app is one of our must-have tracking apps as it can help you reduce the stresses of trying to work out mileage expenses. . It works in the background to accurately log and records your miles creating a custom record of all your business mileage. The app is customisable allowing you to record routes you take often and offset them against ones taken outside your normal working day. If you need to provide accurate records of your driving for invoices, then the Mileiq app is a smart choice to make.

Securing your first courier driver job

If you choose to work as a self-employed courier securing your first job couldn’t be easier. Simply advertise your services as much as possible. This can be done via a variety of mediums from websites to flyer campaigns. The only thing standing in the way of your earning potential is how much effort you are willing to make to advertise your services.

Approach local businesses where possible. Not only will they be aware of you and the services you provide, but you will also gain a greater knowledge of your competitors’ pricing structure and can modify your fees accordingly.

Register with online business directories such and ask customers to leave user reviews on popular review sites to improve your prominence and possible customer source.

Companies to approach as a sub-contractor include:

These companies will have a regular surplus of work that they need to outsource to independent couriers such as yourself. This type of work is useful as it provides a regular income stream whilst you build up your confidence and customers as a Rapid Vehicle management courier driver.

Van hires for couriers’

At Rapid, we understand how important it is to get the right van hire for couriers’ package for you. From big businesses to single couriers, Rapid has flexible plans to suit your needs.

Our quick and simple onboarding process can have you making deliveries the same day in an attractive van.

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*All figures sourced 19/02/2021 and may be subject to change.

**Please note that this does not include goods in transit cover.

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