Onwards and Upwards

Our mission at Rapid Vehicle Management is to be a growth-orientated niche provider of premium quality, great value PCO vehicle rental solutions, and deliver unrivalled accident management services to all our customers.


The journey to setting
hire standards.

Established in 2008 as a specialist PCO vehicle rental company, we have grown to
become a leading supplier of London private hire vehicles.


We now service over 1000 rentals per year and have diversified our product offering,
enabling us to offer the most competitive all-inclusive PCO vehicle rental product available,
through partnering with leading private hire insurers and brokers.

Exceeding expectations.

First impressions are important. We introduce ourselves and identify your immediate
needs during our first conversation. We then manage your expectations by advising you
how we will manage your requirements, by doing what we say we will. Finally, we exceed
your expectations; these are the values that we apply to everything we do.

Our future plans.

To assist a large number of private hire drivers in making a profitable business. We do
this by consistently striving to provide our most competitively priced PCO rental
products, with beneficial extras included, whilst also maintaining and further improving
on the high standards we set for ourselves.

Our Values


We continuously
endeavour to do better


We act with urgency and
make things happen.


We are bold! Our decision
making reflects our culture.


We are caring and fair
to all stake holders


We encourage innovation
and development